Friday, October 30, 2009

Well first of happy halloween.... I have not written in a bit bacause it has been a madhouse around here. The Belle of the ball ended today. It was a competition for the spouces on our base to see who could accumulate the most points and win a HUGE first place prize.... not sure if they judged it off of points or not but of well. I won the Ms. congeniality prize lol.
Also Halloween is tomorrow, my son is going to be a lion and my daughter is going to be a bee. It should be fun although i am really hoping the weather hold and it is somewhat warm for them.

tonight there is a party at a friends house I might be going. My husband does not want to join me so my friend and I want to go as Ellen and Procia (sp)? I really do want to go!

And I am getting OBSESSED with coupons, There was a lady on the news who bought like 270 bucks worth of groceries for 5 cents! I am DYING to know how! I know she used coupons but when I try I dont save that much! lol usually like 10 bucks, which is great but if I could cut our food costs down I would love to! I am looking online for a guide, if I find one I will post it for sure!

Well thats about it for now, i will start writing more regularly now..... gotta go!