Tuesday, September 22, 2009

H1N1.. or was it???

Well I am all better now, I actually want to amend the last post and say the I think I had West Nile. No other members of my family got sick and the body aches were SO severe it sounds more like West Nile then H1N1.
But seriously it was a scary experience, It started on that Monday I went out to get the laundry from my mothers outdoor laundry room and I began to shiver. It really wasn't cold so it was strange I felt SO cold. My mother went to bed but I continued to shiver uncontrolled in the bedroom where my son and I were staying. Finally I got up and took a HOT HOT bath which didnt stop the convulsions. By the time I got out of the tub my fingers and toes were numb and I was shaking HARD. I thought I might be dying! My son woke up and I fed him, his warmth made my shivering stop for a few moments. So I slept with him that night. By the early morning my body hurt so badly I could not even move without xtreme pain. It was now Tuesday and I knew I wanted to drive home the next day. So I went to the local hospital to get checked. The Nurse there (yeah not even a doc!) decided without even testing me that I had strep and put me on antibiotics. I went home and took the pills. I suffered through that day with chills, body ache and fever. At around 5pm I went back tot he hospital because the chills were getting really bad. The Nurse again saw me and this time decided I had an anxiety problem! LOL I told here I was fine, not depressed or anxious, but she insisted I take her anti depressants and go home. In other words she was telling me the symptoms that were taking over my body were all in my head!
The nest morning I woke up and decided I HAD to get home. So I drove 8 hours in extreme pain all the way home. By the time I got there I couldnt walk or lift the baby. My hands had lost most of there mobility. Strangely I was loosing my feeling in my hands and the stiffness in my limbs was so bad that I could not get up and down by myself. My husband came home a few min after me and helped me get in the house and get the kids in. I was inside trying to breast feed my son and when he was done I could not get up off the couch to put him in his chair. I eventually rolled us onto the floor and him to a toy but then I couldn't get off the floor. My daughter who is three ran to get her daddy. He ran in and helped me up. We called a neighbor to come watch the kids and we headed to the ER.
Once we were there we got to experience the lovely "triage" system. The stinkin woman who got the the SAME time we did who had an ace bandage on her foot was let in back before us, While I was crying shaking and dry heaving from dizziness in the waiting room. Triage my ass people!
Anyhow, FINALLY two hours later we were in the back on a bed. The woman who kept trying to take my BP was getting frustrated, ever time she took it I cried out in pain and started hyper ventilating. She finally got a reading and then told me to stand so she could get another reading. I stood and my world went black I couldnt stand on my own and the blood pressure machine began beeping frantically. They laid me on the bed and began rushing around, summoning the doctor and hooking me to an IV. I found out my BP was 55/38 which is basically dead, lol. FINALLY they believed me and began to treat me like a real emergency, I got some GOOD pain meds and few bags of IV fluid. And a few hours later we found out that NO I didn't have strep or the regular flu... So maybe it was H1N1, maybe not but they don't test for it anymore.

We went home and I started my recovery, a few days of pain and pain pills later I was feeling better. Although it took about a week for me to get all the use of my hands back..

It was strange to say the least, I am glad we went to the ER though I was so dehydrated that I could have died. YIKES! But all is well now!

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