Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Like a country song....

Do you ever wish that life were more like a country song?
Or a romantic comedy?
Seriously when does this stuff ever happen? Maybe your wedding day or first date but when else? When was the last time your spouse felt "wrapped up in you" or "enthralled with your beauty"?
Really in real every day life I cant recall, In movies there are brash huge declarations of love and lust, married couples always find their way back to each other aka the Notebook and Sweet Home Alabama, and along the way there is witty banter and cute jokes.... More like you fight about the trash ,lack sex for months and eat the same dinner every week forever! Not that married life is boring but we glamorize love to the point that it is unattainable to get what they sing about.
The most accurate songs and movies of late to me are, "if I were a Boy" and "Knocked Up''. But even in Knocked Up the guy eventually realizes his wrong doings and changes for the better... Happy endings for all! At least in "If I were a boy'' by Beyonce It is accurate in a knife in the gut sort of way.
I respect that though, for actors and singers to tell about life as it is.... Where is the movie about the bored housewife and dirty diapers? And no she does not find her true calling, or rekindle her love life. No in the end of that story she is cooking dinner with a three year old running around without pants and a baby screaming in the back round, a dog spreading slobber everywhere and the phone is ringing. She didn't do here makeup ad her hair is wild.... last scene her husband wolfs down his food and belches, then retreats to the computer for game time. scene fade the end!
LOL, I dont think anyone would buy tickets but hey at least they are honest!

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  1. What do you mean? You don't see that pink aura of love all around...ha, ha, ha.