Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another year

So tomorrow is my birthday... Nothing special, after twenty one it stops being so exciting! lol
I figure I will be doing laundry and cleaning and helping my neighbor move to a new house, woot exciting right? And you know what bugs me just a bit, my husband of almost four years did not even think to get me a card. Now in a situation such as this I dont know if I am aloud to be upset or if that just seems tacky. He has NEVER been good at gifts, hell last year for Christmas I got a bath loofa... seriously a 99 cent bath loofa. Am I aloud to want more? Every holiday I try to put thought into my gifts for him, a sweater here a poem there things he would not do for himself. Is it too much to ask to get a little bit of that back?
I love him A TON and yes we are going out for dinner for my birthday but i made all the arrangements! I just am feeling a bit on the neglected side tonight. And it is not like I want diamonds or shopping sprees, (although it couldn't hurt!) he could even write me a love note or make me a mixed CD or something, hell I would take an e-card at this point. But every time I complain I feel bad, like I should not expect a gift, that its the thought. Well if it was always just the thought I could think my way through Christmas and have some peeved kids! LOL , seriously like "no really kids I would have gotten you new bikes but its the thought right?"
Oh yeah that would go over about a well as immunizations!
I dont think it is wrong to want to be loved and feel special at least one day out of the year, for your partner to acknowledge you for all you are and all you do....
UGH, I dont know I guess I will go on the date I planned and try to forget that once again I am the one singing happy birthday to me.

night all...

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